New Rules For Iqama Renewal In Saudi Arabia

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Ministry of Interior Saudi Arab, MOI, has announced new rules for iqama renewal. In Januray 2021, the Saudi cabinet approved many rules and regulations for expatriates. So it is important for every resident to know about the new laws.

New Rules For Iqama Renewal

  • The minimum validity of iqama is now 3 months. That means that iqama can be renewed for just 90 Days. Before, the Jawazat didn’t offer the service but for a whole year.
  • The fees for renewal process can be paid on quarterly basis.
  • In addition to that, maktab amal fee can also be paid for 3 months.
    • The above rules apply to every profession except the house / domestic workers, maids, cooks, farmers etc.
  • The applicant must pay iqama fee, 650 Riyals as per the fee schedule.
  • In case, the iqama is expired and not renewed in time, the applicant has to pay all fines and penalties.
  • A valid medical health insurance is must for every resident and worker.
  • Residents having huroob status can’t renew their iqama unless the absense report is removed.

Iqama Renewal While the Expatriate is Out of KSA

If an expatriate is out of Saudi Arab, and the iqama gets expired. Then, it is not sure that the iqama will go through renewal process. There are few specific conditions when it can be extended.

  • If a worker is outside the kingdom and the flights are banned by Saudi Authorities, then the iqama may get extended through an automated procedure.
  • But, the above condition only applies when there is no legal way to enter into Saudi Arab.
  • The renewal period might be upto 30 days only just to make sure that the expat returns back within the time.
  • If the worker fails to return, a ban for 3 years implements.
  • The renewal is free of cost as it is a temporary procedure.
  • Jawazat doesn’t allow free iqama renewal for 3 months.