How To Renew Iqama Online | Complete Process |Requirements | Cost

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Iqama renewal process is now quite easy, paper less and online. As per new rules and regulations, Absher portal of Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia does the job. However the applicant must fulfill few requirements before applying.

Requirements To Renew Iqama

The first thing for any process is to fulfill its requirements. And that also applies to the renewal of iqama. The requirement list contains

  • Payment of Iqama Fees
  • Valid Medical Health Insurance
  • Professional Memberships ( If applicable)
  • Payment of Dependents Fee ( If applicable)
  • Pay Traffic Violations (If Any)
  • Valid Passport
  • No Huroob Status
  • Medical Test Report For HIV Aids.

Iqama Fees Payment

The iqama fees consists of many legal charges that sum up as iqama fees. That includes, Annual fee of Iqama and, Maktab amal fee. You can get more details in the article on how to check iqama fees.

If a fine for expired iqama applies, then pay it also.

Valid Medical Health Insurance.

None of the resident, a foreign worker lives without a medical insurance in Saudi Arab. And, it is also a requirement to renew iqama. So make sure you have it.

Professional Membership

Saudi Arabia has issued a long list of professions that require professional membership from its relevant authority. For example, engineers and technicians register with Saudi council of engineering SCE, the accountants obtain from SOCPA and, workers in medical profession apply Marmaris Plus or SCFHS membership.

Pay Traffic Violations

After getting or renewing the membership, now check if you have any traffic violation. If you have then pay it first. It’s a rule that there should not be any liability at your name. However, the condition applies only if you have a vehicle registered on your iqama.

Payment Of Dependents Fee/Levy

The iqama of your dependents renew along with yours. However you have to pay a certain amount that is called dependents levy. You can easily pay it through banking channels.

Valid Passport.

Jawazat instructs that the applicant must have a valid passport at the time of applying for iqama renewal. If it has expired than contact your respective consulate and renew it.

Check Huroob Status

According to the rules, Any expatriate with huroob status is not eligible for any legal service and assistance. If you are doubtful then check huroob status first. By doing that you will also come to know about the nitaqat status of your company.

Medical Test For HIV AIDS

The medical test for HIV AIDS applies only to the citizens of 10 countries. The list contains Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Eritrea citizens.

Iqama Renewal Process

The process to renew iqama is effortless. Jawazat allows companies and kafeels to use absher or muqeem portal to initiate the service. Just tell your employers that you have fulfilled all the requirements so they may start the renewal process.

Once the iqama renews, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number. make sure it is the same one you have registered on Absher account.

Iqama renewal after expiry

There is no problem for iqama renewal even if it is expired. If the resident permit doesn’t renew before 3 days of it’s expiry than a penalty applies. That is 500 Riyals for first time, 1000 Riyals for 2nd violation, and deportation of the worker for 3rd violation.

Although the deportation doesn’t happens because the employer has the authority to settle the matters, yet it is the penalty.

Iqama Renewal Cost

The cost for most of the profession is almost same with a little bit difference. The major fees and charges to renew iqama are as follow.

Iqama fee – 650 Riyals

Maktab Amal fee – 4800 Riyal

Health insurance cost – 500 Riyals

Traffic violations ( If any) – 300 Riyals

Passport Renewal – 200 Riyals

Professional Membership for 1 year – 300 Riyals

Dependent Levy ( If Applies) – 4800 Riyals

Medical Test For HIV – 100 Riyals

Total Iqama Renewal Cost – 11650 Riyals.

The above expense / cost is approximate because few fees can be greater, like dependent levy is just for 1 person. But if family members are more than 1 then, it is greater than that. Traffic violations cost is also not fixed it can be between 0- thousands of Riyals.

In addition to that, the expenses are for the year 2021 and are subjected to change any time.

New Rules For Iqama Renewal

Ministry of interior has announced few new rules for iqama renewal. However these are temporary decision and may change as soon as the covid-19 situation gets in control all over the world and especially in KSA.

The rules states,

  • The companies can renew the iqama of the workers/residents while they are out of Saudi Arabia. However all the fines, fees and penalties should be clear.
  • The employer can renew iqama for 3 months duration. And the fees to be paid are also on quarterly basis.

Exam For Iqama Renewal

From July 2021, Saudi authorities plan to start exam for iqama renewal. But it is just for professionals working as engineers, doctors, accountants and similar professions. The purpose is to filter out the fake professionals and bringing in the qualified persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months before iqama can be renewed?

It all depends upon the employers what are they planning for. However they can renew iqama 6 month / 180 days before its expiry.

What is the minimum passport validity for iqama renewal?

The Jawazat requires a valid passport to renew iqama . However it should be valid at least for 3 days before it’s expiry.

How to renew iqama without kafeel?

Although few people believe that iqama can be renewed without kafeel or sponsor. Yet it is impossible practicly. It is only possible theoraticaly if the applicant applies for the transfer of sponsorship and then the new employer renews iqama.

Can I renew my iqama if my passport is expired

Ministry of interior doesn’t allow the renewal process if the passport is expired.

Iqama renewal while expatriate is out of ksa is that possible?

Currently, the authorities allow the companies to renew iqama while the worker is outside of KSA. But it is a facility on temporary basis and may come to end without any prior notice.

How many days before iqama can be renewed

Iqama can be renewed 3 days before it’s expiry to avoid the penalty. if it’s late then the applicant pays a fine of 500 riyals. Second time delay in renewal, costs the penalty of 1000 Riyals.

Can we renew iqama for 6 months

Right now, as of July 2021, companies can renew iqama on quarterly basis by paying quarterly fees. But the facility can be withdrawn any time.

How long does iqama process take

Because the process is now paperless and online so, it only takes 1-2 days.

Why my iqama is not renewed

There can be many reasons for failure in iqama renewal. The main cause is non-payment of the required fees. You may need to check iqama fees if they are paid or not.

The other reason can be financial crisis the company might be facing. In addition to that, If the company is in red or yellow category of nitaqat, there is a dely in iqama renewal.

How to renew iqama without certificate

Few profession don’t need to have profession degrees and documents. But they must register with the profession councils. In that case, ask your HR to provide you few documents.

Upload them at the concerned professional portal and wait a few days for getting membership. Once the membership approves, tell HR to start the procedure to renew iqama.