Iqama Renewal For Dependents – Complete Procedure

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The procedure of iqama renewal for dependents takes place with the renewal of guardian’s iqama. However the procedure and the documents to submit in Jawazat are little different for adult dependents reaching the age of 18 or above.

How To Renew Dependent Iqama

To renew iqama of a dependent needs to fulfillment of a few requirements. You must pay dependent fee, have a valid medical health insurance, the passport should be valid and not expired, and if you have any traffic violation then pay it.

Once you are ready and have fulfilled the requirements, tell your HR / Kafeel / Company / Organization to start the procedure of iqama renewal.

In a day or two, you may receive a confirmation message by Jawazat about the sussessful renewal of iqama.

Iqama Renewal Procedure For Dependents Above Age of 18

The procedure to renew iqama for dependents above the age of 18 years is not much different. But it only requires few additional documents. These documents are,

  1. One 4×6 cm Photo with white background
  2. Pay an additional fee of iqama for dependent -500 Riyals
  3. Copies of Iqama of dependent and guardian ( Mother / Father)
  4. For Son between the age of 18-25, submit a study certificate for the academic institution with Arabic translation.
  5. Original Passport and a Copy of son.
  6. For Daughters, who are not studying, unmarried and un-employed, an undertaking by the father is required.

Terms and Conditions

For the children (daughters / sons) reaching the age of 18, the Jawazat considers them as independents. That means they should get iqama with independent status. For the procedure there are few formalities to be fulfilled.

  • A study certificate from academic institute for son and and undertaking by father for girl if she is not studying, unmarried and un-employed.
  • Original passport of children (son/ daughter) and a copy
  • Submit a photo of 4x6cm size of son/ daughter
  • Father’s iqama photocopy
  • If the separation request is submitted within 90 days of iqama expiry, a fee of 500 Riyals shall be charged as dependent separation charges.
  • The son above the age of 18 but not more than 25 years can renew his iqama along with his father if he is studying.
  • If the son is above 25 years of age than he has two options, either find a new sponsor by starting a job or leave the kingdom on final exit visa. However he may return anytime on a new visa.
  • The daughters can live under the sponsorship of their father without any age restriction as long as they are unmarried.
  • The fingerprints are now mandatory for the children above the age of 10 years. You can visit any Jawazat office near your location and get registered your dependents

After completing the documents, paying the required fees, just contact your sponsor to initiate the renewal procedure. It only takes a day or two for complete the iqama renewal for dependents.

Iqama Renewal Fee For Dependents Above 18

Jawazat wants independent status for the dependents reaching the age of 18. However the boys can live under the sponsorship of parents untill the age of 25. And girls can live untill they are married.

Therefore the iqama renewal fee for dependent above 18 is same as for any dependent below 18 years. You can check iqama fees and know about the new rules to renew the iqama in details.

Can We Renew Iqama If Dependents Are Outside KSA?

As long as the sponsor ( in this case, father or mother) is inside Saudi Arabia, they can renew iqama of dependents whether they are inside KSA or outside. Jawazat doesn’t restrict the process. However the above conditions must meet for successful procedure.

Can We Renew Iqama Before 3 Months

The iqama can be renewed before 3 motnhs of it’s expiry. in fact iqama can be renewed before 180 days of its expiry.

What Happens If Iqama Expired?

Jawazat imposes a penalty of 500 Riyals if the iqama expires. However the penalty doubles for second violations and triples on third violation.

Is Passport Required For Iqama Renewal?

The passport should be valid as it is one of the requirement to successfully initiate the iqama renewal process. To renew family iqama, the passports of all dependents should be valid.