Iqama Expiry Checking In Just 1 Minute

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With the introduction of the Absher app in Saudi Arabia, it is quite easy to check iqama expiry online. This guide shows the method that is the need of every expat.

Check Iqama Expiry Date Online | Iqama Validity

Before the procedure starts, you need the following requirements.


  • A valid absher account
  • A Smart Phone Android-based or IOS
  • Download Absher App From Google Play or Itunes.


To start the procdure , open absher app on your smart phone.

  • Login to your account by providing username and password. Then tap on Login.
  • Enter OTP (One Time Password). You receive it on your mobile number. But it must register with your absher account.
  • The main window opens showing your image and name. Now, Tap on the Timeline. It is the last tab on the screen.
  • The next screen shows the iqama expiry date in the gregorian format.
  • If you tap the Hijri tab, then the iqama validity shows in the Hijri date.

Below is the image gallery for the procedure explaination.