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check how many sims registered on your iqama

To check how many sims registered in your iqama, you can access the online portal of CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission) Saudi Arabia.

This service has been provided to avoid misuse of sims by others. Therefore, you can block or cancel any sim registered under your name but not in use.

Check How Many Sims In Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia

There are 3 methods to check how many sims on your iqama:

  1. Through SMS
  2. Through CITIC Portal
  3. Through Customer Care Helpline

Let’s begin with the 1st method, a very common, easy and offline.

1st Method- Through SMS

This is by far the easiest way to check number of sims and whether they are in-use or not.

The fact that makes this method the easiest is that it consists of only 1 step: Send an SMS to a service number. Now whom to send the SMS?

Below you can find all service providers like mobily, zain, sawa etc, and their respective codes.

Users of:Send the SMS on:
Sawa, STCSend SMS containing the number 9988 to 900
ZainSend blank SMS to 700123  
Virgin MobileSend blank message to 3009985
LebaraWrite ‘ID’ in SMS, send to 1755
Etihad Jawraa for MVNO telecom and information Technology CompanySend SMS to 1755 by writing ‘ID’
MobilySend empty SMS to 616166

After sending the SMS you will now receive an immediate reply with the required details.

Apart from being time saving this method can be totally applied upon offline. Here is an example of an SMS sent to Sawa.

message about sims on STC sawa sims
Message received after sending the code 9988 to 900

Through CITC Portal – Method 2

By using CITC online portal, you have 2 options, you can use it by providing mobile number or without giving a mobile number

If you can get the required information through SMS then why do you have the need to follow another method?

That is because CITC also provides a procedure to know about the sims registered on other networks along with the sim numbers.

Below are these simple steps to follow

1.Firstly visit the CITC website by Clicking on this link:

2. If you are not familiar with Arabic, change the language settings in the top right corner.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will now see a couple of boxes to fill. You will have to type in your details in Saudi Arabia and date of birth etc.

4. Firstly Tick the box ‘I do not have a mobile phone number’ and Enter the Captcha code.

If you do not know your Date of birth in the Gregorian calendar, a simple way to fix that problem is to use a Gregorian to Hijri calendar like this in your ID number

This service tells us about the service provider (Zain, Sawa, STC). You will get to know about STC sim check iqama and other service providers.

Therefore it tells us that which iqama number is registered by which service provider.

Provide a Mobile Number:

Now let’s follow the exact same steps but by including the mobile number.

Remember to add the same mobile number registered on the iqama you wish to find more about your queries.

  1. Follow the same steps as done previously and add the verification code sent on your mobile number and know about the registered sims.

Call at Helpline:

The next method is a traditional way to find the number of sims registered on your iqama. Simply call the helpline of the cellular networks through your registered sim and talk to the customer representative.

After verifying your details, you can get the information. However you may have to call every helpline because they can provide you the information about the sims registered on their network.

The helpline numbers are as follow.

STC: 900. If you are calling from other network then dial 114 555 555

Mobily: 1100 For other networks users, they may dial 0560101100

Zain Helpline: 959. Another number is 0590000959

Lebara: 1755 and 0576001755

Virgin Mobile Helpline: 1789

Friendi Network: 166000. Calling from other network then, dial 0571166000

Now let’s discuss few things that are important to know by every user.

Number of Sims Allowed On An Iqama

A user can register upto 7 sims against the iqama. The user can buy 2 prepaid sims while 5 postpaid sims are allowed on the same ID. If you want to buy more sims then you will need to cancel sims and remove from your name.

Cancel Or Block an Unwanted Sim

If you want to cancel of block any sim, then you can visit any nearest customer care office ( Franchise) of the cellular network.

The next method that is easy but takes up to 7 days to block a sim is an online way. To adopt this procedure, visit CITC portal and submit your application to cancel the sim.