How To Check National Address In Saudi Arabia

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check national address by iqama in saudi arabia

National address portal of Saudi Arabia provides a service to the residents and citizens to check, verify and print national address. The online service wants to make sure that every one living in KSA has the registration and connected to Absher.

In fact, It is an initiative by Saudi Post in collaboration with National Data Centre and Abhser.

To check national address, you need two things, Iqama number and the mobile number registered with the portal. If you are not sure which number you used while signing up on the portal, then you can easily find the sims registered on your name by CITC.

How To Check National Address In Saudi Arabia

The procedure to check national address online is quite simple. You can do that by iqama. First of all make sure that your residence is registered with the portal. Now the next step is,

  1. Visit the portal by clicking the link.
  2. Now click on the first option,’ Registration of Individuals For Citizens and Residents’
  3. On the next window, click on ‘Manage a Registered Address’
  4. Now enter iqama number and the mobile number and then click on ‘Verify’
  5. You will receive a 4-digit code on mobile, enter it and click verify.
  6. Now you can check national address on the next screen.

In the address, you can find, building number, flat number (if any), city and the postal code. Besides that, In Absher, you can find your national address but to check, verify or update, you have to use address portal.

Update or Change National Address

If you want to change or update the address, it is quite easy. Under the Options tab, you can see many options like, View details, Proof of address and Update address etc.

Select ‘Update Address’. Fill the form and provide new details about the new building, address and give a summary. Once you have given all the information correctly, click on Update.

In case you are not sure about the new address, you may use address locator. It is an online service that tries to pin your exact location using map.

The system will confirm you about the new status and you can print it anytime.

Print The Address

Printing the national address is a simple procedure, you can download it in the pdf format. In addition, you can print it when necessary. Mostly the banks ask for the address while updating the account.

To print the national address, Click on ‘Proof of Address’. Your browser will load a pdf file. Just save and print it using the printer . If you are accessing the portal through the mobile then the file will download automatically.

You can print it later or keep it in your mobile. In case of any problem or facing any difficulty in accessing the portal, you may call the helpline of national address at 9200 05700