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check iqama fees in saudi arabia in 2021

The residence permit, also known as iqama, is a legal document for foreigners to live and work in Saudi Arabia. This document issues / renews by paying certain legal charges, also known as iqama fees.

You can check iqama fees by visiting a few portals and know about their status whether paid or not. In this article, I am explaining how much the fees are and how can you verify them in 2021.

Check Iqama Fees

Whether it is the issuance of a new iqama or the renewal process, it can’t be done without paying iqama fees. So it is important to know what are the different charges and payments and how to pay them.

For that purpose, 4 different fees makes the iqama issuance or renewal possible.

  • Iqama Issuance/Renewal Charges
  • Maktab Amal / Wazarat Amal Fees (Labour Fees)
  • Medical Health Insurance.
  • Family Dependents Levy ( If Applicable)

Iqama Fees

The very first fee that has to be paid is the iqama issuance or renewal fee . The amount is SAR650 for most of the professions but few just pay an amount of SAR600.

For House Drivers, Saiq Khas, Maids, Farmers, Herders (House Workers), Jawazat (Absher) charges 600 Saudi Riyals only. But the rest of all professions pay 650 Riyals. You can check the fee online by using Absher portal.

For small companies, having a total number of workers up to 5, the iqama fee is 650 Riyals. However they don’t pay maktab amal ( labour fee). It is a facility by the Saudi Government for such small businesses.

If you are working in a medium or large organization ( the strength of workers is more than 5), the amount is same 650Riyals.

The iqama fee for the wife is as low as 500 Saudi Riyals.

Maktab Amal Fees

Maktab amal fee is the labour fee that ministry of Human Resources and Development (formerly ministry of labour) collects. It applies to those who come to the kingdom for job or business purpose.

The house workers, drivers, saiq khas, maids and farmers don’t need to pay it. The ministry doesn’t charge them.

For small companies employees (1-5 workers), the fee is not applicable. But if the organization has more than 5 workers then the fee applies but varies. It depends upon the number of Saudi workers.

For companies having more than 50% Saudi citizens workers, the fee for the year 2021 is 8400 Riyals. But if a company has less than the required Saudi employees, the fee is 9600 Riyals per foreign worker.

Medical Health Insurance

In KSA, the authorities cover each and every expat worker and resident with a health insurance. For that purpose many insurance companies are offering their services.

The insurance charges are between 450 Riyals to 750 Riyals. It depends upon how much a person or company is willing to pay. The greater the amount, the better services and hospitals available for the treatment.

Iqama Fees For Dependents And Family

If you are staying in Saudi Arab with family then you have to pay the dependent levy. For each dependent, the iqama fee is 400 Riyals per month. So it is 4800 Riyals per annum per dependent.

In 2021, the Govt. has provided the facility to pay the said fees quarterly. That means you can pay iqama fees after every 3 months.

How To Check Iqama Fees in Absher

Absher is a dedicated portal for residents and citizens to perform legal activities electronically. By using it’s services, you can check iqama fee ( 650 Riyals) whether it is paid or not.

To find the amount status,

  • Visit Absher Portal and log into your account by entering username and password. You can also use Absher app. please note that doesn’t work now and redirects to the said portal.
  • Now click on Dashboaard. and find the Passport section.
  • Under the section, you can find an option of Amount Deposited
  • It you see it is 650 Riyals then it means that the employer has paid the iqama fee.
  • But if it is equal to 0 then it is not paid yet.