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how to check iqama efada medical report online

As is it is known, a medical test is necessary to acquire your Saudi Iqama. In this regard, the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has introduced the Efada Inquiry Service . This e-service makes your Efada medical report for Iqama easily accessible through your laptop or cell phone and saves you a trip to the health center. To get the medical report you only need;

  • Border number
  • Sponsor ID

Procedure To Check Efada Medical Report For Iqama

There are two sources available through which you can access the Efada medical report.

Through the official Efada website:

  • Go to the official Efada website
  • In the first field, enter border number .
  • In the next field, enter sponsor id
  • Select “Iqama Issuance” in Type field
  • Enter Verification Code and click on Search.

The system displays your medical report on the next page.

So, you can access your Efada medical report for iqama online easily by following the method explained above. The medical report will contain information such as the name of the health center, result number, the status of your report, date of issuance and expiry which will help you know the medical report’s validity.

What is The Border Number and How to Find It?

We can see that the border number is a must requirement. It’s a 10-digit number which is allotted to every expatriate upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. This number is written by hand next to the Saudi Immigration stamp on your passport.

However, if you cannot find the border number on the passport, you can also check it online with the help of Absher. To do so, all you need is your visa number and the visa issuance date.

What is Sponsor ID and How to Find it?

If you decide to get your Efada medical report through the Ministry of Health’s website, you will also need the sponsor ID along with the border number. A sponsor ID is a number that consists of 10-digits. This number is allotted to a business or an organization by the Ministry of Labor. So, if you are an employee of a certain company, you can check the sponsor ID by asking HR department of your company.

In addition to this, you can access the sponsor ID by checking the visa on your passport.

However, for a dependent, the sponsor ID is different. For dependents, the sponsor ID is the Iqama number of their guardian in Saudi Arabia.

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